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Physics coursework – sensor circuits. In this investigation, I will be constructing a circuit which involves a sensor. I will calibrate this circuit and then test it in an environment outside the laboratory. The sensor I have chosen to use is a light dependant resistor, LDR. From my preliminary research, I found that this sensor works
physics sensor coursework - A-Level Science - Marked by. CHAPTER 3: SENSORS SECTION 3. 1: Hall sensor and a small attached to a moving part can replace a cam and contacts with a great improvement in reliability. As physics sensor coursework
GO TO PAGE. PHYSICS – Marking Criteria for Coursework B. 29.12.2006 · Physics sensor coursework!!!! hi ppl, i am doing physics as-level, and we got this project due the tenth of january 2007. we have to make a sensor and do. As physics coursework sensors
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AS Physics Coursework: Quality of Measurement. Handbook. In this piece of ... a careful study of one or more of the properties of a sensor or instrument;. • a comparison of methods ... A temperature sensor whose output changes by 100 mV for a change of 2 K in its input has a sensitivity of 50 mV per kelvin. A very sensitive
Edexcel Unit 2: Physics at Work ~9th June 2014 · GCSE OCR 21st Century Triple Science (CBP1-7) Thread · The Super Juicy CURRENT YEAR 11 (2012-13) THREAD ... TSR Support Team. We have a brilliant team of more than 60 Support Team members looking after discussions on The Student Room,
The molar conductivity of 1/2 CuSO4 at 25 degrees C is 133.6 at infinite dilution, and for higher concentrations (mol/L^3): conc conductivity .0005 121.6 .001 115.2 .005 94.02 .01 83.08 .02 72.16 .05 59.02 .1 50.55. Be sure to use inert electrodes. Gold or platinum would be best, but don't spend the money just for homework.
I am going to build a sensor for a vehicle fuel gauge. It will sense how much petrol or water there is in the tank. I am going to do this experiment because it involves mechanical aspects as well as electrical, so I am not focusing just on one type of component. There are not many different ways of doing this, although to change
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